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Check Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp – Online Girls Mobile Numbers Chat. The women of today have learnt from their past mistakes and have taken a step forward to join hands with men for the development and progress of their countries. One such example is that of a young lady called Salma who had so much love for education that she liked playing against the odds to prove that she was no less than men. There was a unique thing in Salma’s nature since her childhood that she used to get fascinated by the newly built roads.

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Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She was a very bright student of her class and used to get full marks in all the science subjects. B y the time her matriculation result was announced she had already made up her mind about the career she would like to opt for. She truly loved the subjects of civil engineering.

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Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Salma was a hardworking student who secured one of the first three positions throughout her academic career, and all this was possible because of her love for education and her dedication. The society Salma lived in was quite narrow-minded and people were against women empowerment, they just could not bear a team of workers lead by a woman. In such a society following her dreams was a tough decision.

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Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers: This display of narrow mindedness and conservative school of thought began with Salma’s family and her close relatives tried to brain wash her parents when they heard that she was enrolling with civil engineering course.

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