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See Peru Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers Friendship. The women of today are as powerful as they have never been before, and all this is because of the awareness that has been created by the social activists from all over the world. India is one of the biggest countries of the world with millions of women being treated as animals especially in the rural areas. Anjali is the name of a little girl who was born to a couple who belonged to the noble profession of a doctor.

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Peru Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Being a daughter of doctors was a blessing for her as she had a chance to study in the best school of the area and make friends with the kids of cream of the city. Anjali was a very soft hearted person and did get really upset when she saw anyone in pain.

Peru Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: As Anjali had everything she ever wished for she could have become a pampered princess but for her having everything just humbled her more as she felt bad for the deprived and gave away her most expensive toys and dresses to the girls of her age who came from slums and begged her for food.

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