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Get Nigerian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers List: After one week of hospitalization she was diagnosed with a serious blood problem that could be fatal in case of injury. It was an auto-immune disease in which the blood loses its property of coagulation. It was a time of depression for Zunera as it was the first time in her life that she felt alone and isolated. She started thinking about the uncertainty of life and her achievements, she did not find anything that she has ever done for the betterment of mankind and it changed her as a person.

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Nigerian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: After getting discharged from the hospital Zunera started an NGO. She went to the airport and tried to help each person she found in need of help .She started looking around for the first time in her life and found how blessed she has been as there were thousands of problems that a common man has to face in life.

Nigerian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: At the most terrible time in her life her sister Sofia came to stay with her all the way from Nigeria. The social work was her new routine which was joined by her sister. She worked for every person who needed help she provided assistance to those who were weak in English and helped them with their paper work that is necessary to stay in USA.

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Nigerian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: She helped the people from other countries with getting a work permit and finding a job and even finding a shelter.

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