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The world is full of different types of people and each individual has his own way of thinking. There are thousands of people who are so busy with their routine that they do not get enough time to think about others. In such a busy world there are just a few people who think beyond themselves and try to help others become a positive part of the society and enable them to pay a positive role for the development of the society.

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One search person who became an inspiration for others is Uzma. Born in the city of Multan Pakistan, Uzma had a very compassionate nature. She was the eldest most child of middle class family and so had a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. She used to study and help her mother in household chores before leaving the house for school.

When she came back from school she used to help all her siblings with their homework. Before getting married to a local bank officer she completed her masters’ degree in political science and sociology. Uzma wanted to participate as a responsible citizen so after doing a lot of research she opened an organization in collaboration with her two friends.

Chaha named her organization “Ummeed” and the main goal of this organization was to help the women in the prisons of Pakistan learn some skills and get a chance to start their life from scratch.

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