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Indonesia Girls Whatsapp – Online Indonesian Girls Mobile Numbers: It is a tragedy that there are many women in the prisons of Indonesia who are innocent and are convicted for the crimes that were blamed upon them. To help the women get out of depression and start looking forward to the day when they will be free again. With special permission from the authorities.

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Indonesia Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She makes special arrangements for workshops within the jails where the women are educated about different issues and they are even provided psychological help to get over their hang ups that stop them from playing a positive role for the betterment of the society.

Indonesia Girls Whatsapp Numbers: The women are taught different skills that include sewing, embroidery, cooking, baking, painting, pottery and even interior designing. due to the untiring efforts made by the social workers who became a part of the team that helped Uzma achieve her goal with more than 90% of success rate, as the women who learnt the skills really became respectable citizens of the country and started living with honesty and all this was possible because the women know that they would be able to make their ends meet with the hard work and not by unfair means.

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Indonesia Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Uzma gained so much success those more than 30 women who were taught different skills by her team are now a part of her team.

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