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Let see Afghanistan Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers and Pakhtoon Girls Online firendship. She had two brothers and a younger sister and the income of her father was not enough to meet the expenses of the family of six so her mother used to cook food and make lunch boxes for offices which her elder brother used to deliver at the offices. Just after Myra’s matriculation result was announced her father passed away in a road accident.

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Afghanistan Girls Mobile Numbers: It was the time when people started showing pity towards the family which Myra hated. Her father’s employer was a kind hearted man and offered a job to the son of the deceased but as he had no experience of making jewelry her brother rejected his offer but Myra asked the jeweler if she could join at her father’s place.

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Afghanistan Girls Mobile Numbers: She was hired on probation, but her talent and passion to design jewelry made her a significant part of the company. Her designs got such a positive response from the public that her boss started paying her five times the salary her father was taking. Today there is no financial stress on her family and her siblings are getting good education.

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